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#Flex ✨ (at North Florida Fairgrounds)
Bwahahaha. 😂😂😂😂 Its too early! 😅✋
Ladies. Follow @hermosa_boutique 👆
Hi. 😊 (at Florida A&M University)
In class like ……. 😐 (at Florida A&M University)
Hit up my twin brother @ibe_smooth if you want a healthier lifestyle and fit body! I know who I’m working out with when I get to Miami. Do you? … @smoothworkout 💪
If you have time to party, you have time for Him. Happy Sunday. 
#ELEV8 #Recess ✨
Good morning. 😌 (at Florida A&M University)
Come turn up with Operation 46. #TurnUp4TheCause 💃 3/28/14 10 PM-Until … $1 Ladies, $2 Men $3 for Men after midnight)